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Subject: Blackberry Unlocking Procedure
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Post at 2-1-2008 01:59 AM Profile Blog P.M.

Blackberry Unlocking Procedure

Requirement: An Unlock code by your Carried (for e.g. T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon, Vodafone, Optus etc)

Request an Unlock Code if you don't have one: Request the code by telling your operator that you are going for some important work utside your country like India...and dont want to buy a new handset. The Operator will ask you that we will provide you Roaming Service but say that it's too much expenive and secondly their service is not available in the country you are going..they will provide you the Unlock Code...Remember you should contact the Sim Unlock T-Mobile have..if you carrier does not have Sim Unlock Department thet ask from anyone handling customer care.... (India is the Best Example cos India does not Support Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone.)

Then you got the Unlock code follow the steps below.

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Scroll to Options and press the trackball.
3. Scroll to Advanced Options and press the trackball.
4. Scroll to SIM Card and press the trackball.
5. Type MEPPD
6. Press the Alt key and type MEPP2.
7. Enter unlock code.
8. Press the Enter Key

For Pressing P you have to Press the key twice where P is Printed

and Ahoy! the Pearl is Unlocked...if you have queries then post it here i will check it regularly

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I have told the support people im selling my device and id like to unlock it or it surely wont sell..


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Thanks xafhl ,
It's informative.Here i want to share my own unlocking experience.Recently i unlocked my mobile with a help of online unlocking service provider.For me using unlock code is the best way to unlock Blackberry mobile phone.I bought an unlock code from  Here they provided my unlock code with step by step unlock instructions through e-mail.So i easily done my unlocking successfully.

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